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  Flexible bags for Beverages & Food
Food Packing can preserve the quality of goods contained for as long as possible. We use high technology to print the package in four beautiful colors and cover the package by lamination for strength. The contained product will be upgraded and meet high standard. Moreover, it can guarantee the consumers in hygiene and safety standard. The package is suitable for containing many products for example bread, snack, crisp snack, preserved fruit, dried food, seasoning squid, vacuumed food, ice cream, frozen food, pet food etc.

 Rolls for automatic machines
This kind of package needs to work with the auto-packaging machine. It is also suitable for many products for example food, snack , flour, grains of rice, food etc. High technology of printing of our factory makes the package colorful and also the package is covered withlamination for strength. Moreover the contained product will beupgraded and meet high standard.

 Bags for daily use

 Flexible bags for chemicals

 Flexible bags for agriculture

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